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  • 55 minute session – $175
  • 90 minute session – $270
  • sliding scale (limited slots available) – $50-$150


I am in-network for the Duke Student Blue Cross Blue Shield plan.

I am out of network for all other insurance plans.

If you need to use an out of network plan, you will want to call your insurance company to ask:

  • Do I have mental/behavioral health insurance benefits?
  • What is my out of network, mental health benefit reimbursement rate?
  • Do I have a deductible, and has it been met?

‘good faith estimate of charges’

As required by the ‘No Surprises Act’ of 2020, all mental health providers are required to ask about client’s insurance coverage (including whether clients intend to submit claims to their insurance company) and to provide a ‘Good Faith Estimate for Heath Care Items and Services’ to all self-pay or uninsured clients when care is scheduled, and/or when requested by the client. I will provide this estimate to all self-pay and uninsured clients at the beginning of treatment and annually thereafter. A Good Faith Estimate is not necessary at this time for clients who are planning to use their insurance benefits to cover their services, but all clients have a right to request a Good Faith Estimate at any time.

notice of privacy practices

“Don’t turn your head.

Keep looking at the bandaged place.

That’s where the Light enters you.”

~ Rumi
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